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HTTP Parameter Pollution

HTTP Parameter Pollution

The parameter enables pages to load data from the back-end e.g., ID, search query. They make websites more interactive to ...
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Websocket Overview

Communication Protocol – WebSocket Overview

What is a WebSocket? WebSocket is a Client-Server Communication protocol initiated over HTTP. WebSockets are used where there is continuous ...
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Information Security Management System (ISMS

Introduction to Information Security Management System (ISMS)

What is an Information Security Management System ? An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of policies and ...
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HTTP (1)

HTTP Request Smuggling

What is HTTP Request Smuggling? HTTP Request Smuggling is a vulnerability that takes advantage of the misconfiguration in parsing one ...
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RISK Management

Risk Management

Every organization conducts risk assessment and mitigation in order to identify risks and minimize their impact via risk mitigation. However, ...
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Misconfigured Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Risk

The Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a mechanism to relax the Same Origin Policy (SOP) and to enable communication between ...
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Database Configuration Audit for Security and Compliance

Database Configuration Audit for Security and Compliance [Part-1]

Configuration Audit is the latest buzz word everyone is talking about and every organization wants to revamp their databases to ...
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Json web token JWT Attack

Json web token (JWT) Attack – Most Common Scenarios

What is a Json web token (JWT)? A Json web token is an open standard that defines the compact and ...
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PA-DSS Expires by 2022

PA DSS V 3.2 to SUNSET by 2022

About PA DSS The Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), formerly referred to as the Payment Application Best Practices (PABP), ...
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PRIVACY now to be a fundamental right in INDIA

PRIVACY Now To Be a Fundamental Right in INDIA

Electronic data protection in India is currently governed by the Indian penal code, the information Technology Act 2000 – IT ...
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How we are successfully managing & delivering the Cybersecurity Services during COVID-19 situation?

By now we all have already gone through the COVID-19 pandemic’s first wave now the second wave started hitting all ...
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Web Cache Poisoning – Through Host Header Injectio

Web Cache Poisoning – Through Host Header Injection

To understand the concept of web cache poisoning first we have to understand what web cache is and why it ...
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Apache Struts-2 RCE

Apache Struts-2 Exploited to Remote Code Execution

This blog is to describe my finding on a web-based application which is a very well-known vulnerability found on Apache ...
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Subdomain takeover

Subdomain Takeovers – CNAMEs And Cloud Services

Introduction A Subdomain takeovers A Subdomain takeovers , you guessed it - refers to the hostile takeover of a subdomain ...
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Threat Modelling

Threat Modelling – Focused Defence for Modern Enterprises

Threat modelling is the latest buzz word everyone is talking about and every organization wants to revamp their information to ...
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Zooming Security Vulnerabilities

Zooming Security Vulnerabilities [Part – 2]

Securely Hosting Zoom Meetings This blog article will cover security best practices in setting up Zoom meetings securely to avoid ...
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