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Bug Bounty : An Introduction

What exactly is Bug Bounty ? In the Wild West, when outlaws roamed the land, local sheriffs did not have ...
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Mobile Application Security Assessment – Proxying for IOS (iPhone & iPad)

After an oversight on how to set up Proxying on Android devices and emulators for Application security assessment, let us ...
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Insecure URL redirection in Google+

Our team identified a vulnerability in Google+ (Google Plus) service which can be used to perform malicious URL redirection. It was ...
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Proxying HTTP/HTTPS traffic on android

Brief: There are several stages to perform thorough penetration testing on android based application including but not limited to Authentication, ...
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Hacking Google account through Locked Android Devices

Varutra revealed an issue in the text message notification implementation of Google’s Android operating system which may lead to compromise ...
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