Project Overview

It came to their light that their website has been possibly infected with a malware which landed up them in a very critical situation since their brand reputation was at stake.

Our Process

  • The customer contacted us basis of our unique consulting expertise and the capabilities of our Attack and PenTest team.
  • Our team started the investigation by assessing the website and it was soon clear that it was possible to implant a malware due to the server misconfiguration.
  • This led our team to validate it in real time and generate a proof of concept (POC) as the evidence.
  • We initiated a detailed assessment against the website covering unique ways of assessing the target website, clearly setting up a plan of execution, auditing the website thoroughly and meeting various checkpoints during the assessment.
  • Our Secure Development team got to work on creating a secure version of the website, working collaboratively with our Attack and PenTest team and we could make it in a couple of tireless hours.

What We Delivered?

  • The go-live date was accomplished successfully with a big bang migration to a secure website.
  • New website was up and running, free from any hacking attempts and security vulnerabilities.