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About Varutra

With the constant evolution of technology, information exchanged or disseminated in a dispersed IT environment is exposed to various security threats on an organization's technology, processes and people.

Any security breaches to critical data may result in drastic financial loss, legal accountability, and reduced productivity with brand attrition. Varutra provides business aligned security services and training to create and strengthen the security posture of client organizations.

Our Services Help


Engineering centric approach ensures consistent security measures across the information security lifecycle with high levels of reliability and trust.


Resilient and robust methodologies are an integral part of our services resulting in improved operational efficiency and repeatability.


Trusted, reliable and inclusive approaches enable our clients to conduct their business with gained confidence at optimal security costs.


Partnership based service delivery ensures the highest levels of security posture and support in maintaining compliance and trust of clients.

Security Services

Mobile Security Services

Varutra utilizes its extensive knowledge base and technical skills to examine the issues and challenges unique to mobile security and management along with protection of information these devices store and process.

 Application Security Services

Varutra application security experts adopt an end-to-end approach for applications security. Our methodologies incorporate various elements of application security across all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) to enhance overall security posture of the critical business applications.

 Infrastructure Security Services

Our infrastructure security services are a result of extensive research, proven techniques and rich experience in network security. Our testing approach ensures maximum coverage over all possible threats to an organization's network.

 Special Services
Special Services

Varutra offers many different and unique security solutions, in place with the emerging technologies and requirements of the growing industries. We also assist our clients in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance requirements.


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Our Promise


“Security” is “the state of being free from danger or threat”. Our consultants, services and technical solutions are combined to achieve the highest level of security to ensure and maintain our client’s overall security posture.


Collecting and handling sensitive data and information is an essential part of our services. Transparency and Accountability are ingrained in every step within the scope. Our methodology is the result of our experience and passion.


At Varutra, privacy comes first. All our processes and technologies are aligned to ensure the protection of client information during all 7 phases of a data lifecycle and that overall information assets and data are protected.


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