Varutra Audit and Compliance services incorporate a perfect combination of People, Process and Technology.

Our Audit and Compliance services are highly customizable and have been structured in such a way to cater to ever changing business dynamics.

Our services are led by expert certified consultants having sound experience into variety of critical business areas leading to perfection, flawless execution with actionable metrics.

Out team understands customer’s pain points and have the passion and skills to make a difference by offering expert guidance and quality deliverables.

Key Service Offerings

Information Systems Audit

  • Information System Audit encompasses a comprehensive review and evaluation of automated information processing systems, related non-automated processes and the interface between them.
  • Information Technology (IT) audit or information systems (IS) audit is an examination of the controls within an entity’s Information technology infrastructure.
  • Information Systems cum Technology audit incorporates a process of collecting and evaluating evidence of an organization’s information systems, practices, and operations formerly known as Electronic data processing (EDP) audit.
  • Obtained evidence evaluation can assure whether the organization’s information system safeguard assets, maintain data integrity and is operating effectively and efficiently in order to achieve the organization’s goals & objectives.

Third Party Risk Management

  • Third party risk management (TPRM) is a structured approach to analyze and control risks arising to the organization from third parties such as – Vendor’s Customers, Joint ventures, Counterparties, Fourth Parties, and Third-party relationships which act as a significant source of enterprise risk.
  • Our team can help strengthen TPRM programs or functions, systems and technologies, assess third parties’ controls, and manage risks of an organization’s third-party population via -
  • Manage Third-party Risk processes:
    • Pre-developed risk models, review criteria, issue administration and reporting
    • Risk profiling/third-party inventory
    • End-to-end third-party oversight and governance
  • Risk Profiling and Assessment
    • Profile third parties and assess their risks and controls leveraging technology/framework
    • Global onsite and remote-control assessment execution across all risk domains (e.g. cyber, resiliency, financial health and regulatory compliance)

ISO 27001 Implementation & Sustenance

To help organization’s setup and manage their ISMS, we offer an extensive set of services, grouped in four phases:

ISMS Audit

  • Gap Analysis Against current ISMS
  • Risk Assessment Workshop
  • Internal Audit

ISMS Advisory & Implementation

  • Assisting with the alignment of the ISMS with the ISO/IEC 27001 standards
  • Lead, Advise and Assist with the implementation of ISMS Controls
  • Provide consulting or advisory services during the review
  • Conduct an audit at the end of the implementation to ensure full compliance to the standard

ISMS Training & Awareness

  • Shorter ISMS Awareness Sessions from 1 hour to 4 hours
  • One Day Awareness Session
  • Two Days Internal Audit Course
  • Three Days Implementation Course

Documentation Toolkit

  • Alignment with complete ISO 27001-documentation requirements
  • Ready to consume documentation templates
  • Project Tracking tools to support the implementation
  • Q & A support

Virtual CISO as a Service

  • A chief information security officer (CISO) serves a critical role within an organization, developing and managing the security program.
  • Our vCISO offerings are highly focused towards helping businesses align their technology to their business goals and seeing them succeed without compromising on information security.
  • Our skillful resources and subject matter experts will ensure:
    • Organizational technology spend is efficient, is matured and aligned with business goals.
    • Organization has established processes that best support business critical operations.
    • Help you stay abreast of current information security trends and how they apply to your business.
  • Our vCISO offerings covers security in totality via -
    • creating a security plan that is designed to meet business specific objectives.
    • creating a security plan that addresses business unique and unforeseen cyber risks.
    • creating a security plan that optimizes existing resources and support future technology initiatives.

Service Organization Controls

  • The AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) responded by creating a framework to enable a broader type of third-party attestation reporting on controls at service organizations beyond merely financial reporting. This framework is the Service Organization Control (SOC) reporting framework.
  • SOC reports can help clients, prospects, stakeholders understand and gain confidence in the internal control environment of the service organization.
  • Our SOC offering and reporting can help service organizations:
    • Meet contractual commitments and regulatory requirements.
    • Gain a competitive advantage by distinguishing themselves from their competitors.
    • Lower inherent risks by identifying and addressing potential weaknesses in their systems.
    • Identify efficiency issues as well as duplicate controls in an effective and proactive way.
  • The SOC framework has 4 different reporting options: SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 and SOC for Cyber Security.

Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis

  • Tactical Response Security offers the best risk management program available via our Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis services.
  • Our Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis services enable businesses to better approach towards security, keeping day to day operations, employees, and customers safe.
  • Risks change, Priorities change, People and Processes do change; and when it happens, business becomes exposed unless you have a sustainable approach to risk management.
  • Our expertise in TARA offerings cover –
    • Security Program Design and Evaluation
    • Specialized consultancy services for Hospitals, Banks and Government
    • Corporate Security Risk Assessments
    • Solutions to Mitigate and Prevent Security Breaches
    • Emergency Security and Risk Management Program

Our Audit Process

Absence of focus on key business areas can lead to operational risks and here is when our Audit and Compliance experts make things streamlined!

Our Activities Help

  • Create a security benchmark for the organization at large.
  • Create and execute audits for inhouse and vendor  
  • Create and maintain a roadmap by having third party
    auditors view.
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses of current security
  • Prioritize the exposures that present the greatest risk.
  • Deliver prompt audit results focusing on customer centric reporting requirements.
  • Provide risk mitigation recommendations consistent with compliance regulations.
  • Incorporate security best practices, client specific industry best practices, and client business objectives.

Our Approach

our approach (1) (1)


We work closely with clients to help them understand varied and evolving compliance needs.


With our robust framework, clients gain visibility on their compliance obligations and how we can help them achieve compliance.


Our controls are based on sound risk management practices and are continuously aligned to ensure they are relevant to today’s requirements and positioned for the future.


We manage end-to-end audit activities by establishing best ways to collect data, identify control objectives, respond to ad-hoc audit requests, and manage external auditor relationships.


We assume responsibility for the thoroughness and accuracy of the information, including the description of services provided to external auditors, control objectives, and related controls.


Our customers are assured that proper control procedures are in place and documented, which will have predictable results, and a trusted partner by side.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated team supports all standard and industry specific audits and manages relationships with external auditors so that organizations focus on what is important - growing the business and serving the customers.

With Varutra as a trusted partner, our clients benefit via our expert guidance to manage the complicated world of Audit and Compliance, as well as predictable results.

Our processes, governance, and service levels are proven to meet stringent and demanding requirements of diverse clients spread across various business groups across the globe.

At Varutra, we leverage a deep and experienced pool of skilled consultants to deliver all our assurance and advisory services. We set extremely high standards and our team also holds multiple accreditations and professional qualifications to make things possible.

Why choose us

Services Key Highlights

Our Audit and Compliance Services Key Highlights

Services Key Highlights


What Is Cyber Security Audit and How It Is Helpful?

A cybersecurity audit involves a complete analysis and review of the IT infrastructure of your business. It detects vulnerabilities and threats.

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