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Our training courseware is developed by our industry subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve their self competency and skills in Cyber Security.

Our trainers are the core enablers of sustainable business with competitive advantage to various organizations and we help candidates nurture their InfoSec career and to outsmart them.

SPARK Training Program is executed by implementing maturity in the training process, exposure to real-world test cases and scenarios.

Our Corporate training services are designed to address the lack of niche expertise into cyber security disciplines across industries.

About Our Trainers!

Varutra offers cyber security training incorporating –

  • latest hacking methodologies and approaches
  • utilizing real world tools and technologies
  • a faculty with good real-world industry experience to address dynamic challenges

All our trainers are professionals, certified with various infosec credentials and are proven industry experts in their domain.

Our trainers leverage innovative approaches and provide tips and tricks on how you can maximize your expertise with wide  tools, assessment checklist, and a realistic model for engaging newbies to professionals.

Why Train with Varutra?

Sessions with Hands-on practical's, aims approach of 20% Theoretical, 80% Practical.

Live Demonstration on Latest Hacking Techniques and Tools.

Exposure towards Practical assignments and real world Case Studies.

Multiple assignments and challenges compelling participants to think out of the box.

Automated assessment techniques with emphasize on Manual assessment approaches.

Monitoring and mentoring Individual progress and assessment.

Skilled Trainers, equipped with latest developments and are always on the cutting-edge of security.

Customizable Training contents catering to specialized Business needs.

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