Security Awareness Program

Varutra's Security Awareness Program consisting of Phishing Diagnostic demonstrates a graded approach towards end user security awareness generating higher effective outcome for a business organization by increasing their security posture resulting in securing the brand.

Our unique approach in delivering user security awareness training helps organizations in proactively detecting the potential threats to an organization's information assets, data, and employees including top management of the organization which might put the organization's sensitive information at risk in case of any targeted attacks unknowingly.

We offer User Security Awareness Program as a Service (USAP-aaS) model to conduct seamless awareness campaigns, aligned with Phishing Diagnostic and simulate attacks with business expected results, presenting the observations and reports to the management with custom use cases, and monitoring the end user behavior against sophisticated cyber-attacks which comprise of various Social Engineering attacks such as: Email phishing attacks, Spear phishing attacks, etc. and so on for continual end user behavior monitoring and improvements to detect and report such incidents.

User Security Awareness Program (USAPaaS)

Varutra being a leading cybersecurity services provider has launched User Security Awareness Service Program to enhance our client’s experience to safeguard their business assets specifically targeted towards employee, critical assets and data.

Infoshare Varutra's Security Awareness Service Program helps increasing the protection of your business against social engineering threats, phishing attacks to reduces the risks associated by working with your team and business key personnel to identify and report them. Cybercriminals and hackers have been reported to use several phishing tactics and techniques, to exfiltrate sensitive information or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), business critical data, trade secrets, system login credentials, and so on by disguising as a trustworthy entity or a respectable person in the email communication leading to in fraud, data breaches and damage to the company's reputation and associated business groups along with leading to financial losses.

User Security Awareness is of utmost important these days and Infoshare Varutra has its own designed and developed robust model based out on various industry best practices adhering to various compliance, regulatory, statutory norms, requirements and international standards for Information and Cyber Security.

Varutra's User Security Awareness Program USAPaaS Model

Domain Based - Security Awareness Program

Domain-based security awareness program to provide a consolidated summary, actionable, and remarkable recommendations concerning the way to reduce risks associated with cybersecurity and data, information technology - whether digital or physical areas. Security skills – learnings and enhancements that will be developed during this course of work will carry over into superior cyber hygiene practices and will result in a distinct improvement in operations across all verticals within the organization.

Infoshare Varutra's domain-based security awareness program enhances the core attentiveness for expressing the company's goals, policies, and desired employee behaviors aligned to protect cyber risks which exploit the human element of the business operations. It includes a strategic, planned and distributed layered approach as detailed below.

Our Approach

Break Learning into Chunks

To the extent that training content is reduced into "chunks" of equivalent, learnable sections, designed and drafted specifically for the organization and its industry type. The training is set out to be more practical, and employees to be equipped with an required amount of training contents to meet the objectives. In order to realize this, our training model covers security awareness materials ranging from Newsletters, Posters, Infographics, Screensavers, Fun-Activities, Videos, and a lot more.

Focus on your Greatest Risk

Focusing on the organization risk factors and assessing the key risk areas which might directly or indirectly impact the business operations assist us to define the focus areas. Educating employees in order to empower them to recognize sophisticated cyber-attacks and educate them to support the business goals of cyber security strategy and so on.

Infoshare Varutra's Resonance

Educating the right audiences such as stakeholders, employees based on the data, assets they are dealing with while performing work with right trainings is another key. To achieve the better benefits, we provide real-world examples and stories, like those found within the annual information security breach reports and so on. This approach assists in building critical thinking and promotes to think on logical steps while dealing and approaching a risk or incident.

Benefits of USAPaaS – User Security Awareness Program as a Service

  • Phishing Emails in a Customized & Controlled Manner:

Our approach consists of sending spear phishing emails (target specific) against the employees/users in the organization in a customized and controlled manner.

  • Target the Users with Mass & Spear Phishing Emails:

Our methodologies broadcast the targeted phishing emails which are diverse from mass-emailed to specifically targeted emails basis customized scenarios/situations to lure the users. Our simulation helps to track user actions and responses in extremely safe and non-intrusive way.

  • Track User Actions:

Our simulation helps to track user actions and responses in extremely safe and non-intrusive way. Department-wise tracking to analyze users’ behavior in each department.

  • Analysis with Customized Trainings:

Our reporting metrics ensures comprehensive dashboard with statistical analysis followed by customized trainings.


How do you create a security awareness program?

A security awareness program is a formal program with the goal of educating users of the potential threats to an organization’s information and how to prevent circumstances that might put the company’s data at risk.

Learn more about security awareness campaigns to protect yourselves from different kinds of cybersecurity risks with our Security Awareness Program. We are available round the clock to help you understand how to secure your business.

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