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Cyber Security Services

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Computing resources such as computing power, storage, network, and software are abstracted and provided as services on the Internet in a remotely accessible fashion. Categories of Cloud computing are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Cloud can be deployed as Public, Private, Hybrid or Community cloud.

Mobile Application Security Services

With the rapid rise of mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets within an enterprise creates a unique set of challenges that must be addressed in a systematic way by identifying privacy, security and compliance risks from applications development to deployment stages.

Application Security Services

Secure software applications are the biggest need in today’s world. Web applications have become a must to have component in organizations with the uptime of 24/7 offering secure data and access to customers, employees, partners, and suppliers. With numerous products offering security solutions to the application layer for protecting enterprise data often they fail to do so.

Network Security Services

Our technical know-how drives beyond traditional vulnerability scanning to reveal the real actionable threats in the network infrastructure via rigorous assessments to uncover external, and internal threats.

Audit & Compliance Services

Varutra Audit and Compliance services incorporate a perfect combination of People, Process and Technology.

Our Audit and Compliance services are highly customizable and have been structured in such a way to cater to ever changing business dynamics.

Special Security Services

  • Red Team Services
  • Blue Team Services
  • Dark & Deep Web Analysis Services
  • Phishing Diagnostic Services
  • IoT Security Services

SOC and Global Threat Management Services

Varutra SOC & Global Threat Management Services delivers real-time Threat, Log monitoring and Alert analysis to minimize any impact on business operations and reduce overall security risks to help organizations improve business continuity and enhance the efficiency of security operations.

Information Security Maturity Assessment Services

Cyber threats vary from organization to organization and from one business sector to the other sector, thus ‘a one size fits all’ approach to cyber and data security does not work and a ‘blanket’ approach is extremely pricey in the domain to come up with and adhere to. So Information Security Maturity Assessment is one way to protect your information asset and secure your system against cyber threats.

Security Awareness Program

Varutra's Security Awareness Program consisting of Phishing Diagnostic demonstrates a graded approach towards end user security awareness generating higher effective outcome for a business organization by increasing their security posture resulting in securing the brand.

Cyber Security Services in India Frequently Asked Questions

With cloud web security, traffic gets to the cloud instead of being routed to the servers directly. The cloud analyses the traffic and only allows legitimate users to gain access. Any traffic that the cloud does not approve, it blocks it from getting to the server.

Application security — including the monitoring and managing of application vulnerabilities — is important for several reasons, including the following: Finding and fixing vulnerabilities reduces security risks and doing so helps reduce an organization’s overall attack surface. Software vulnerabilities are common.

Infoshare-Varutra is a CERT Empanelled IT Security qualified auditor, an ISO 27001: 2013 and CMMI Level 3 Certified Organization. We are delivering cybersecurity services and managing cyber risk on behalf of our valued distribution and technology partners.

Network security services are designed to protect internal company infrastructures and connected devices from undesired access, mishandling, and attacks. Network security providers can offer a comprehensive assessment of network architecture and evaluate the security of internet and intranet connections.

Security compliance management is the set of processes for continuous monitoring and evaluation of systems. These processes include the communication, documentation, and automation of information security compliance controls and procedures.