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The MITRE ATT&CK Framework and SOAR: Better Together

Date: 29-September-2023

Time: 4 PM IST

Topic: The MITRE ATT&CK Framework and SOAR: Better Together.

Join our cybersecurity webinar, 'The MITRE ATT&CK Framework and SOAR: Better Together,' and dive into advanced threat detection and response. Discover how seamless integration of MITRE ATT&CK Framework and SOAR technology can elevate your cybersecurity skills. Gain a competitive edge in the dynamic cyber threat landscape by registering now. Key Highlights of the webinar -
  • Explore the vital prerequisites required for a successful integration
  • Uncover the benefits of integrating MITRE ATT&CK data into your incident and observable workflows
  • Master the art of crafting customized dashboards and runbooks tailored to your specific needs
  • Attain valuable insights through intuitive visualizations of attack campaigns and adversarial activities
  • Questions & Answers Session.
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Supply Chain Security in the Digital World

Date: 22-september-2023

Time: 4 PM IST

Topic: Supply Chain Security in the Digital World.

Dive into the Cybersecurity Realm! Be part of our upcoming webinar, "Supply Chain Security in the Digital World." Decode the strategies to counter supply chain attacks, understand their implications, and dissect recent case studies. Elevate your cybersecurity expertise—book your spot now!

Key Highlights -
  • What Are Supply Chain Attacks?
  • Supply Chain Attack Types and Processes
  • Business Impact
  • Recent Examples
  • Protecting Against Supply Chain Attacks
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Spark Program for Cybersecurity Aspirants & Professionals

Date: 2021

Topic: SPARK Program For Cybersecurity Aspirants & Professionals

Are You Ready for Cyberwar? It's time to enhance your cybersecurity capabilities in this booming era of digitalization to become an excellent cyber warrior. Learn and gain the knowledge to design, develop & defend modern security systems.
  1. Information Security Professional - 75 Days
  2. Managed SOC & Threat Analyst Professional - 50 Days
Our training program is suitable for Students, Graduates, Cybersecurity aspirants & Professionals who wished to enhance their skills. Key Learnings -
  • Shadowing live projects
  • Client interaction and report writing
  • Testing methodology & industry insight
  • Real-world assessment
What do you get?
  • Certification
  • Industry Oriented Course
  • Live Project Experience
  • Performance-Based Job Opportunity
  • Learn Under Expert Supervision
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