Project Overview

The customer in question is a leading multinational corporation company in India, spread across 35+ countries.

During the COVID-19 pandemic situation, businesses across the world are heavily impacted and shaken with the operations and businesses loss. Customer had planned to introduce an innovative product to minimize the operations loss and overall impact of the pandemic and to initiate the day to day operations with minimum staff members across locations.

Varutra Attack & PenTest team ensured that the proposed application and the underlying infrastructure is securely deployed, does not contain any security vulnerabilities, thus ensuring and protecting the employees PII information.

Our Process

  • Our team worked as an extended team for our customer in making sure that the developed applications and deployed infrastructure is aligned along with the security objectives and that the corporate critical data remains intact.
  • With this deliverables and our extended support, we have one more time let our customer experienced and witnessed Varutra’s support and services during such pandemic situation by offering expert technical capabilities, dedication and commitment to deliver.