Project Overview

The customer in question is the largest manufacturer of raw materials in India and ranks among the world's leading manufacturers providing construction solutions across the globe.

It was observed that customer’s ISMS Processes, Procedures and Policies are not as per the industry’s standards and compliance and reconciliation activities are not aligned.

In our initial analysis, it was assessed that the ISMS processes are not meeting the Industry’s best practices and multiple critical gaps have been observed.

Our Process

  • Our team being on the field, interacted with multiple data owners and gathered the information about the process and procedures followed at the customer facility.
  • Our team utilized their skills to revamp the policy, process and procedure documents and mitigate the gaps observed and approached with a fully functional and a tested model of ISMS processes, policies and procedures using industry standards and best practices.
  • Our consultants having close monitoring on the day to day operations and continuous interaction with data owners for bridging the gaps without any delays, ensured the customer team to improve on their activities with minimal or no errors.

What We Delivered

  • Error free Processes establishment and Best Practices documents aligned with business objectives.
  • Periodically validated Compliance and Reconciliation reports with maximum accuracy showcasing true state of security.
  • Reduced externa and internal operational risks and cyber threats.