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Simplified Information Security Risks

Varutra Managed Security Services delivers real-time Threat, Log monitoring and Alert analysis to minimize any impact on business operations and reduce overall security risks to help organizations improve business continuity and enhance the efficiency of security operations.

Recent Cyber attacks are getting advanced, targeted and aggressive, every day and every single minute. Our Managed Security Service provides continuous protection round the clock in a rapidly changing digital world of known as well as unknown cyber threats.


Current Threat Landscape, Cyber Risks and Security Posture


Gaps in Current Processes, Parameters not aligned with Business Cyber safe goals


Key Security Best Practices, Process Improvements via acceptable and approved Benchmarks


Cyber Security posture and processes to comply with ever changing Cyber Risks

Our Statistics at Peak Hours!


Appliances Monitored


Critical Servers Monitored


Alerts Analysed


Actionable Tickets


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Security Advisories Published


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Key Service Offerings

SOC as a Service

Cyber Security is a complex area and so is managing it.

At Varutra, we enable information security via offering a comprehensive SOC-as-a-Service under our managed security services.

Our real time SOC monitoring service ensures that we protects critical devices and data they transit/store and provide continuous security monitoring.


  • 24x7x365 Real time Security Alert Monitoring
  • Highly Customizable Packages
  • Onsite as well as Offsite Model
  • Enhanced Security Posture
  • Cost Effective Solution

SOC-as-a-Service Features

24x7x365 Monitoring across corporate network

Intelligent security Threat Monitoring and Analysis

Managed IDS/IPS and Firewall administration

Periodic SIEM finetuning and Optimization

Real time Ticketing via VMSD application and via Customer Ticketing Portal

Managed Antivirus/DLP Monitoring and administration

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

Access to Cyber Threat Post Security Advisories

Facilitate Compliance and Regulatory Standards

Threat Intelligence & Dark Web Scanning

Traditional Security is not always enough in these days of 0 days and sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Our Threat Intelligence feeds ensure that we proactively monitor our customer environments and the external threat landscape to detect and mitigate targeted cyberattacks.

Our team has the capability to turn intelligence feeds updates into actionable mitigation approaches to help customers respond to threats relevant to their business.


  • Monitor, Detect and Respond to Insider Threats
  • Clear visibility to focus on protecting sensitive data
  • Leverage on Open Source as well as Commercial Threat Intelligence feeds
  • Continuous monitoring of threat landscape to report on threats outside of customer perimeter

Threat Intelligence & Analytics Features

Darknet Cyber Threat

Malware and IOCs Threat

Threat Correlation via Threat Feeds against SIEM Use Cases

Strategic Threat Hunting preventing Cyber Espionage

Proactive Detection and Security Incidents Reporting

Cyber Attacks and e-Crime

Insider Threat Surveillance on
Deep web

Leverages Commercial and OSINT
Data Lakes

Digital Brand Protection and Brand Monitoring

Digital Forensics & Security Incident Response

In spite of putting multiple effort’s in threat prevention and detection, the unavoidable is bound to happen and no organization is exception to it.

Our Digital Forensics & Investigation and Cyber Incidence Response help our customers to proactively retort to and recover from a persistent cyber attack.

Our Security Incident Response competencies support customers in overcoming short to long term consequences of a cyber incident.


  • Supports Organizations Crisis Management Program
  • Aligned with Organizations Cyber Security Program implementation
  • Proactive, business-focused incident response strategies tailored to organizational goals

Digital Forensics & Security Incident Response Features

Endpoint Forensics and Protection

Web Defacement and
Breach Analysis

Data Breaches and Data
Leakages Investigation

Proactive Incident Prioritization
and Remediation

Surface Web and Darknet Scanning for
Data Leakages

Assist in setting up a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

Round the clock Incident Response Center for Realtime Security Monitoring

On-demand Investigation tailored to meet Business needs

Cybercrime and Cyber Awareness

Security Advisory Services

Our highly sophisticated Security Advisory Services enable enterprises to stay up to date on latest security vulnerabilities being disclosed and mitigate open security risks before the bad guys do, by deploying security patches and system hardening.

In recent days of Zero day and Ransomware attacks, organizations should opt for security advisory services in return of guaranteed efforts against protecting the data and critical information.


  • Security Advisories against customer specific Technology mapping
  • Assess Real-time risks and define business aligned patch management strategies
  • Real world, easy and actionable recommendations to swiftly mitigate threats

Security Advisories Features

OSINT and Commercial data sources to Monitor Threat alerts

Realtime Access to Cyber Threat Post Security Dashboard

Tailored Advisories and Recommendations to enhance cybersecurity controls

Customer Business Technology mapping and Vendor neutral advisory consulting

Identifies areas of High risks and mitigate with minimal IT efforts

Design and Implement Cyber Defense Blueprint to deliver best possible protection

Threat Prioritization and Recommendations to eliminate Cyber risks

Deep Insights into Threat Actors, Attack patterns and Attack Tactics

Act as a Principal extension to customer IT Team

Vulnerability & Threat Management

Organizations face challenges in efficiently tracking and managing the remediation of a large number of security vulnerabilities.

Our team helps managing the entire Vulnerability Management life cycle program from identifying the critical assets, to managing execution of the assessment to remediation, and to reporting.


  • Customized to client-owned vulnerability scanner solution or wholly owned and managed by Varutra
  • 24×7 support schedule to curb recent threats and their impact on organizational assets
  • Aligned with our Threat Intelligence services and Security Advisory services to combat known / unknown cyber threats
  • Saving on customer administrative overhead

Vulnerability & Threat Management Features

Asset Discovery, Prioritization and Evaluation

Proactive Mitigation of Residual Vulnerabilities

Focused towards Cyber

Effective Vulnerability Scanning across Internal, External Assets

Transparency via Actionable Reports for Immediate Actions

Customized Dashboards and Automation enabled protection

Real Risk Exposure and Impact Analysis

Assistance in Vulnerabilities Identification and Remediation

Cost Effective models to Optimize Vulnerability Management program

Security Assessments

Our tailored security assessment programs, covering the entire threat landscape right from penetration testing to security awareness training, is delivered via our certified security professionals offering their expertise towards customer security.

Our team is committed in helping our customers achieve the desired cyber safe profile and tightened security posture.


  • Comprehensive & in-depth Security Assessments
  • Comprises of Web, Mobile & Network Security
  • Effective ROI & Time Bound Exercises
  • Actionable Deliverables Focusing on Remediation
  • Enhanced Security Posture

Security Assessments Activities Features

Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Web and Mobile Application Security Assessment

Cloud Security Configuration and Architecture Review

Covers Internal as well as External Security Assessments

Realtime and tailored Security Assessment Activities Dashboard

Red Teaming and Social Engineering Attack Strategies

Complimentary Reassessment to ensure Vulnerabilities Closure

Breach and Cyber Attack Simulation to measure Cyber Resilience

Detailed Technical Recommendations Report for Vulnerability Mitigation

Varutra Managed Security Services Dashboard Application Our USP in SOC Offerings

Varutra MSS delivers real time threat monitoring and alert analysis to minimize any impact on business operations and reduce overall security risk. By leveraging Varutra’s world-class analytics and network security services, organizations can improve business continuity and enhance the efficiency of their security operations, thus MSSD application adds value to the overall security operations program.

Why choose Varutra Managed Security Services?

Customer First Approach

Our integration services offering helps customers to gain complete visibility against their network assets both on premise and hosted on cloud for real time security monitoring.

Group 185

Robust Security Posture

Monitor, Detect and Respond to attacks, identify malicious activities and stop unauthorized actions before it impacts business.

Group 189 (1)

Proven Threat Mitigation

Our approaches are evolved over time and consistently evaluated by maintaining standard best practices to ensure customer network operations are as desired.

Group 193

Real time Visibility

Our customizable “Varutra Managed Security Services Dashboard Application” provides real time insights of the security alerts Open/Closed at any given point of time.

Group 196

Proactive Alert Validation

Our team is capable of intelligently analyzing the detected alert and proximately responds to such threats in order to remediate it.

Group 198

Threat Detection & Response

We offer highly flexible Security Monitoring models (24X7, 9X6, etc.) as per the customer business needs. Our team ensures that round the clock threat reporting and mitigation is performed.

Group 201

Actionable Deliverables

Customer IT Team is facilitated with real actionable reports and recommendations, trends identified in the infrastructure, to help improve the corporate security posture.

Group 203

Security Advisory Services

Our team constantly monitors security vulnerabilities disclosed publicly which are mapped to customer technology base and are published with necessary actions to be undertaken.

Group 205

Flexible Consulting Models

Our highly customizable offering model offers – offsite/onsite resource deployment model to utilize mission critical threats which requires immediate attention.

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