COVID – 19 Initial Precautionary Measures for Business Continuity

  • Basic Emergency measures for Covid-19 Pandemic to Avoid Cyber Risks for Business Continuity
  • Follow Government/WHO guideline
  • Follow your industry measures!
  • Avoid traveling


Supporting client’s business continuity and reduce disruption to our services at optimum level.

  • IT infrastructure readiness and related service as most the employees working remotely.
  • Employee’s assets should be managed remotely.
  • IT Help Desk implemented for remotely working employees.
  • Define roles and responsibilities for incident management.


COVID – Employee Risk

  • Work-life balance should be maintained to reduce stress and stressful situation.
  • Safety measures should be taken at the workplace for employees.
  • Medical emergency facilities should be available at the workplace.
  • Employee pick-up drop-off service to avoid public transport.


As Covid – 19 pandemic crises ongoing, business corporate need to think about it as well as steps should be taken for business and plan recovery.

  1. Employees Safety and Continues Engagement
    • Employees are expecting their employer and government for pandemic guidelines. Addressing all concerns in an open and transparent manner with assuring business continuity. Organizations must initiate and expand work-life balance by implementing more flexible policies that allow employees to work remotely. For the field work-related sector, organizations need to reorganize and reallocate resources by establishing new policies that support a safe working place. Organizations that experience different challenges which are not cover by implemented policies, that should take advice from governments. Governments started helping hand for small organizations.


  1. Reimagined Business Continuity
    • Organizations taking measures to mitigate the effect of COVID – 19 on business operations. Business continuity reimagined as Work-From-Home. Organizations have reevaluated policies for work from home. Big technology players moved for permanent work from home with reimagined business continuity plans. To reduce the stress of the employee organizations have started to provide extra leaves/ stress leaves/ 4 working days etc. and as a result of these steps, productivity uplifted to 30% to 40% from the traditional working pattern. In terms of benefits to employees, the organization provided extra bonuses/rewards, etc., and helped employees with work from home kit to continue with their responsibility for business operations.


  1. Build Resilience for a New Beginning!
    • Leaders need to provide direction to the person individually and mutually as a team to achieve goals in an effective manner. There should be openness for communication between leaders and individuals to share any idea, discussion, suggestions, problems, etc. Fortune organizations leaders have faith across the individuals and teams. Organizations need to invest on all levels of their workforce to build an empire, as an individual no one can grow without co-worker’s support. Organizations should also focus or invest in employee’s physical and mental health for the growth of the organization and employee personal.


In the current scenario, all the companies around the globe are trying to mitigate the impact and various risks associated with this covid-19 crisis, and also, all organizations are focusing on building resilience and reshape themselves for a post covid world. We are dedicated to our employee’s health while managing and delivering cybersecurity services during the covid-19 situation.


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Trupal Patel

Audit and Compliance department

Varutra Consulting Pvt. Ltd.